ACUSON X Family™ Ultrasound Systems are Workhorse Systems in OB/GYN

Dr. Santiago Trigueros owns several Siemens ultrasound systems, including the ACUSON X150™ and ACUSON X300 PE™ ultrasound systems. He loves them for their excellent performance and reliability to help run his busy OB/GYN department at San Rafael de Santa Tecla’s National Hospital, El Salvador.

Q: What in your opinion are the most important characteristics of an ultrasound system in your clinical setting?

A: We are a very busy clinic with around 400 OB/GYN patients each month, throughout the year. We wanted a system that is made to work harder and that also delivers good performance. With a patient load like this, we cannot afford any down time, so reliability is crucial. Patients come from far places to our clinic.

Q: You are operating Siemens ACUSON X150 and ACUSON X300 PE systems. Are they able to meet your needs?

A: Yes, definitely! We have a total of six machines, and they are excellent. The technology is good and well-accepted among the staff. They are really happy with the system.

They offer great image quality, they are easy to use, and they have a good workflow.

We are running the systems at maximum capacity, and we didn’t have any issue yet! The systems are made for hard work. We are very satisfied with their performance.

Q: What do you like best about your systems?

A:The transducers are very versatile, and they are light. The endocavity probe has a great design, with a small diameter which is important for vaginal imaging.

Also, the ACUSON X150 system has a very small footprint. It is a compact solution with a lot of features in one small package. In my opinion, you don’t need a big system to get good image quality. The ACUSON X300 PE is a complete system with lots of features and provides many advanced functionalities.

Q: Any final thoughts?

A: I always recommend Siemens. I have worked with a number of their systems. They have great technology, and their solutions are adaptable to our needs. They fulfill all our expectations.

The ultrasound machines are high-performance systems which deliver excellent clinical results. We work practically 24/7 on 365 days a year, so we needed a real workhorse system. The ACUSON X Family systems are an excellent solution for us. Gracias!

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